Life Is Golded Tee


Life is golded - nope, not a spelling error.  Almost 10 years ago, 3 friends went on an epic road trip up the East Coast of Australia.  The roof lining in the camper van they rented was filled with markings and mentions from travellers who had shared memories in the van before.  One of the 3 friends decided to follow in their footsteps.  When thinking about what to write, there was no hesitation - life is golden.  As they laid back to take in their everlasting memory etched on the roof of the van, they realised that instead of golden, it said golded.  The message has never been truer - life is indeed, golded.

Made from 100% cotton.

Medium weight loose fit tee with embroidered left chest design (golded thread).

The tee shown is an XL.

Type: Tees